What could be more commonplace and yet phenomenal than the birth of a child? New life into the world is certainly cause for joy. All of the possibilities that lay ahead are endless and outweigh any thoughts of struggles and strife. Only hopes and dreams are ordered up and as each course of life is served we quickly realize that our hopes and dreams have to make room for theirs. Yet, the life each of us is given is meant to be savored and seasoned by God’s spirit within. Only then are we able to see the epiphany, a sudden intuitive perception of an alternate reality, a moment of self-actualization, a realization of one’s fullest capacities in Christ meant for those who believe. We realize that from the very beginning life was always a gift to be used for God’s glory. Even today, through the joys, the struggle, the strife and ultimately love, reconciliation and redemption, wisdom still seeks the Gift.

A Truth Revealed

…ahead of them, went the star that they (Magi) had seen in the east…  Matthew 2:1-12  Truth revealed is the moment at which some event or action appears in its true form or nature.  Epiphany is a truth revealed. It is something that we now understand, an enlightenment or revelation, which was once hidden or unclear. The very moment that truth is revealed we have the freedom to make a choice, or to move in a direction we may have previously thought was not possible. The light of the star that the Magi followed is the same light that we follow today, the one that leads to unconditional love and hope Jesus Christ. The question we have to ask of our selves is can we submit to and live out this epiphany? Now that the manifestation of Christ is revealed in us, the freedom to choose is ours. Arise and shine, for your light has come (Isaiah 60:1-6,9).