Got Salt?

…but if salt has lost it’s taste… Matthew 5:11-16  It’s ineffective. Aside from the fact that salt enhances flavor, it has a tremendous amount of other uses. It removes stains, takes bitterness out of coffee, helps to heal certain wounds, allows hard-boiled eggs to shell with ease, and discourages ant parades! Salt – a perfect metaphor for the Gospel of life, removing the stain of our sins, cuts the bitterness of our thoughts, heals the broken, breaks away the shell that hardens our hearts and confuses the enemy on our behalf. In the same way that salt does not need us to be salty, the Gospel does not need us to be effective (Luke 19:39-40). It’s effectiveness is already lived out through Christ, and today still given for us to use in our own life and for the benefit of each other to the glory of God. Got Salt? Make daily use of it and together let us flavor the world.

Light In Darkness

…let your light shine before others… Matthew 5:11-16 The only division that makes sense in this world is that between light and darkness. They can not exist in the same place. A small kindled flame may stand alone in the darkness, but the darkness will never consume it unless we choose to put it out. Our hope is like that kindled flame. If we find it dwindling, we may have to go through the darkness in order to be strengthened with other light, yet others will see and so too give glory to God. For light that is seeking light is never extinguished but endures forever.