At Home

“…in accordance with his promise, we wait for new heavens and a new earth, where righteousness is at home.”  2 Peter 3:11-18  I recently spent several days at a clergy conference which, except for the struggle with getting internet access that I needed, was very rewarding. At the most, the longest I like to stay away is 4 days. After that I begin longing for home. It’s the one place where I find everything I need (not want). Church for some is like being away, when it should be more like being at home. While there, you won’t always have everything you want, but you should always find everything you need. For me it’s the presence of the Spirit of God, genuine fellowship and mutual love.

A Believer’s Birthright

Consider this. What God has given us through Christ is the gift of his birthright. The spirit of God’s gift is love. The gift of God’s love poured out for us through his son Jesus Christ is meant to be mutual. That same spirit of love flows out of believers who have received God’s love within them. If we find our selves unable to love, then perhaps we are having a difficult time believing and trusting God’s love through Christ is given for us, and thus instead, we show suspicion, disdain or anger. Don’t allow the food of the world to be your strength. Know that God’s love is the birthright of the believer and live strengthened by its grace.

Birthright; Share God’s loveFood of the World