I Call You Friend

“Lord, you know everyone’s heart…”¬† Acts 1:15-26 ¬†Hopefully over time, each of us has the privilege of learning a truer meaning of friendship. For certain, friends hold a special place in our hearts. I used to think that I chose my friends, but when I thought back over my life I realized that more often than not my friends chose me. People will come and go in our lives, some remain acquaintances. Others stay with us even during the times you are apart because with friends, memories are easy to rekindle, the present is unabashedly shared, and the future is encouragingly rejoiced. That’s a relationship in the spirit relishing the moments of those valuable times in our lives. Most gracious Immanuel, thank you, for your presence as marked by our true friendships of those you have already known, and in the way that you have already chosen us.