One Life

The one being able to grasp, let him grasp … Matthew 19:1-12  A college friend told me; “Once you’ve made a decision to do something it’s yours. You have to take responsibility for it regardless of how it turns out and move on.” I received his words that day because I knew he was speaking from experience. When Jesus is pressed by authorities concerning divorce, his disciples are taken aback by his answer believing that perhaps marriage is not a good choice. But Jesus’ use of the word eunuch in three different contexts seems to make clear, the significance of having the gift of making a choice and taking responsibility for that choice. The first eunuch has no choice. The second eunuch has the choice forced upon him. The third eunuch is the one who chooses to willingly give up one life (physical) for the sake of another (spiritual). Not everyone is willing to make that commitment. Our decision to have faith in God and follow in the way of Christ is for us to own and take responsibility. Although our steps won’t always be perfect, commitment to our faith keeps us on track. The good news is that it is that faith in God (more precious than gold) of which Peter writes to the diaspora, that gives us the freedom to grasp that commitment one day at a time and live in hope by that same faith.

4th Day Of Christmas

It’s believed that the original wording was colly bird, a European blackbird known to have a very rich melodious songlogo4 gospels used in courtship and mating. Thus it seems reasonable that today we would sing calling birds instead of colly since common blackbirds aren’t generally thought of as romantic. Of course there would be four, one for each voice SATB, the most common of chorus combinations. Together they provide the fullness of tonal range. Together they all sing their own version to tell the whole song. So it is with the telling of the four canonical Gospels, four perspectives on one whole. Each voice reflects an experience on the gift of one life, calling each of us in to a relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.