Wrath Not An Option

I’ve discovered over time that wrath isn’t really an option for humans. It comes back on us! Evil simply begets more evil. I like many people have suffered many things. Life was never promised to be perfect (even though it seems more perfect for some than others). There is a fine line between walking in faith and doubting in faith which is easily crossed by our actions. It’s not easy to regain the part of ourselves that gets lost in acts of vengeance. We are not created to be at odds with one another. Let God’s reprisal be our defender, but let us also be careful that we not become among the offenders, for who among the imperfect can raise a hand against God? Our arms are too short and our trespasses too long.


“You have heard it said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’  Matthew 5:38-48  I had a friend who believed that when wronged, it was only right to return the favor with a more hurtful wrong because vengeance was not only right it was necessary. However, it seemed to me that an eye for an eye culture keeps us in a constant state of victimization, preoccupied with how we intend to payback the wrong that has been done. For me that was no way to live. From experience I realize how difficult it can be to let go of a grudge and move forward when one is preoccupied with looking back for the purpose of revenge.  Yet to walk in Christ is to walk in victory and know that God’s wrath is far greater than anything we could do on our own. We are victors because in faith through Christ, the battle is already won.