The foreign peoples will lose heart… Are we where we’re supposed to be? How can we truly know, if instead we’ve become “displaced”, completely out of our confort zone? If in our understanding we believe every place on this earth belongs to God, it’s not about our own comfort. It’s about the will of God being carried forward in to those places that seem out of place for us. As children of God we are not foreign people. We are where God intends us to be, connected by faith. Gracious God help me to remember that not every place nor every experience is designed for my comfort but given so that your glory may be revealed before those who may be aliens to your Word.


I’ve never been a posse kind of person. I’ve always only had one – maybe two really close friends at any time in my life. It was just enough to not feel excluded in society. Friendship is a delicate word. In our relationships, we count as friends those who’ve supported us when we needed it the most, spoke the truth when we needed to hear it and only a friend would let you know that you’ve hurt them. Not everyone will do that for us. I feel blessed that I can count as friend someone I’ve known since middle school, and a few I’ve known only within the past decade. The story of the paralytic being carried by four people and brought to Jesus to be healed at first seemed phenomenal to me. Then I remembered my faith community. Perhaps at the time the four coming together did not realize the power behind their action to carry the burden of this physically marginalized person. Particularly when the going is tough for us, it is an example of the strength of our friendship with Christ. When the posse scatters, a true faith community of friends will carry us through.

…all were amazed and glorified God, saying, “We have never seen anything like this.” Mark 2:1-12