Drawing Closer

…I know where I have come from and where I am going… John 8:12-20  Remembering the past while embracing the future requires focus, courage, flexibility and above all faith. Half way through this season of Lent perhaps we’ve fallen off a bit from our journey towards reconciling all that we’ve come to know with all that is yet to be known; as we leave what needs to be left of the old and graciously receive all that is new. Gracious God thank you for the strength of your spirit that guides us as you continue to create your love within us and draw us closer to where you desire us to be.

The Best Seats

You will indeed drink my cup.  Matthew 20:17-28  What parent wouldn’t do all that they could to gain favor for their child? The mother of James and John tried to do just that. She wanted them to have the best seats in God’s Kingdom. But there are some things a parent simply can’t do for her child. For example, we may be able to write their resume but we can’t take their place in the interview. At the time of the interview, it is the individual who’s name is on the resume, who must wear the shoes. In other words, it is by the child’s experience alone to which she must live and to which she must testify. James, John and the other disciples were chosen for a reason. Their lives would indeed fulfill God’s plan. We who believe must also wear the shoes according to God’s grace and we too will indeed drink of the same cup as we obtain access to the hope of sharing the glory of God.  Suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint us… Romans 5:1-11