The “Right” Hour

And what should I say – Father save me from this hour?   John 12:27-36a  Despite the fact that we sometimes have to wait, all good things happen at the “right” hour. It’s not necessarily important that we are “fully” prepared for everything that is about to happen because in reality we really don’t know all of what is about to happen. What’s important is that God believes that we are prepared enough. Once we have done everything that could be done up to the point of receiving any gift or blessing, at that hour we must be ready to simply say yes – as we continue to have faith in God who will help us with the rest.

Say Yes

“…you have made them equal…” Matthew 20:1-16 If you’ve ever picked wild grapes you know that it’s not as easy as it looks. So I can understand the early laborers gripe. Fortunately for each of us God’s grace is not measured out according to time served, but freely given by our equal willingness to say “yes” to his will. Labor in God’s Kingdom is not easy. So let us give thanks for the harvest that the rising of the sun brings. At the end of the day, what matters most is our willingness to labor. Make each day an opportunity to say “yes”.