Over And Over Again

Are you able to drink the cup that I drink? The day I surrendered to God’s call to ordained ministry, I thought my cup had run over. What in the world was I getting myself into? Time away from family, to do academic readings that probably weren’t all going to get read, 3, 5,10, and 30 page papers that might get done on time but probably weren’t going to be pretty, meetings with the Bishop, (not so bad), meetings with the commission (dreaded), 6 hours of field placement per week in the middler year, and 10 hours of field placement per week the following year, and the 32oz big gulp pitcher that sent my cup completely over to its side, General Ordination Exams! Quite frankly just thinking about it, I  was exhausted… before I began. As I reached my final semester, without much thought I’d picked up that last cup, took a good long look inside and found that my cup had yet to be completely emptied and slowly but surely it began filling up again as I realized although my time away was about to end, my cup is never empty. Thank you gracious God for when this cup seems depleted, your precious Spirit fills me over and over again.

Double Edge

“keep him in custody, but let him have some liberty and don’t prevent any of his friends from taking care of his needs.”  Acts 24:1-23  Ever wonder why you are who you are or why you are where you are right now? When Paul was accused by the Jews and brought before the Roman Council, one aspect of his identity (Roman citizenship) not only served to benefit him, more importantly it served to glorify God. Paul’s message, carried a double edge – saving and convicting the hearts of both Jews and Gentiles. When we like Paul say yes to God’s will and his way, it doesn’t matter who we are or where we are, God our protector and provider will also use us to his glory as well!