Sister’s Keeper

Where is your brother Abel?  Genesis 4:1-16  It was a rhetorical question, not meant to elicit a specific answer but rather to make a point. God already knew that the voice of Abel had been crying out from the ground but he was giving Cain an opportunity to come clean. We all have feelings of anger, frustration and jealously, but the Psalmist reminds us that happy are they whose way is undefiled (119:1-24). The way involves our thoughts followed by our actions. Let’s face it! Our thoughts aren’t always directed towards God! However, through Christ we are afforded the same opportunity as Cain, whose response made clear that he had gotten the message but chose not to accept it. We too have a choice. Are we our sister and brother’s keeper? 


…not to be served but to serve.  Matthew 20:17-28  To kick off the early Black Friday event, one of the stores decided to make one of their prized discounted items available to the customers at the end of the line that had gathered outside the store instead of the beginning of the line. I’m not entirely sure what angst that may have caused but I think it probably made some, (particularly those at the front of the line) a bit salty. To some extent in this life, we are all one managerial decision away from being chosen. The mother of James and John thought to get a jump on God’s glory for her sons before the other disciples. Jesus makes clear that God’s Kingdom is not about being the early worm but rather about our willingness towards God will as we work to serve one another. We serve God by serving one another. In serving one another we are all chosen.