“Is a lamp brought in to be put under the bushel…?” ¬†Sometimes the light that emanates from within us is hindered by the shadows, secrets and side views. Much like the sun which rises daily is sometimes covered by the clouds it doesn’t mean that it’s not shining. Regardless of what others see, or what we cannot see, our hope is in that light. Every day we rise with God’s word, we are God’s sun. Shine On!

How Deeply

“…you shall do to him as it seems good to you.'”¬† David chooses the high road. It’s not always easy but we learn that wickedness only begets more wickedness. How deeply we need you O Lord. How deeply we need your Word that it may take root in our lives and be nourished by the continual wisdom we gain when first we consider your sacrifice and love. You give us every opportunity to show growth even as temptation, frustration and pain freely abound. We stand firm in your calling and our desire to be called. How grateful we are that your Word is sown deeply within us, that we may always be fertile ground.