Lent Day 16

Questioning God

What have you to do with me..?¬†Mark 5:1-20 Should I just eat the candy this one time or can I be strong enough to sacrifice one moment of pleasure in order to lose weight? Every now and then we all struggle with our conscious. From craving sweets to fighting peer pressure or battling serious addictions, a struggling conscious can be tormenting. When Jesus is confronted by a man with an “unclean spirit”, he pleads with Jesus not to torment him. Christ already knows that this man has suffered and struggled with himself and his community long enough. Jesus is not interested in tormenting him any further. Christ’s ministry is about healing. I think the fact that we are struggling is an indication that the Holy Spirit within us is striving to be at the forefront of our lives. Once we realize that our arms are simply too short to put up a fight, we can begin to allow the Holy Spirit within to take precedence and do what it does best; bring us to healing.

Perfect Love

…perfect love casts out fear… 1 John 4:7-21 ¬†Truly, who among us can perfectly love? Who among us walks without the occasion of some doubt? Who among us occasionally reconsiders decisions to be made or regrets decisions already fulfilled? As much as we strive towards this perfection it is not ours to perfectly attain. Try as we might there is always some wonder if we’ve done the right things or if we are moving in the right direction. How is the fear ever removed? If we could live with perfect love – would not the world be a perfect place? We have to settle for striving for perfection and recognize that we will make mistakes. When we make mistakes we must learn to forgive ourselves. Christ, the perfect love of the Father, understands this about us. Himself, called to the people of Israel, time and again stepped out of his own box to which he was called, to heal, bless and forgive those who brought their faith before him. So too we are called to love, knowing that what ever our dreams, desires, frustrations or fears, God’s perfect Love for his creation encourages us to continue striving towards him in spite of our imperfectness and because of our faith in him.

Image Credit: Kerry Shook; worshiphousemedia.com