You… speak lying and misleading words to me until things take a turn.  Daniel 2:1-16 The only way the King could be certain of the interpretation of his dream was if those who claim to be able to interpret the dream, could in fact first tell him the dream. If we believe that dreams are God’s way of connecting with us how can we expect others to interpret God’s meaning for us? The King’s request suddenly, doesn’t seem so unreasonable. In difficult situations we sometimes want people to tell us what we want to hear when what we really need is the truth. Thank you God for by your Word we are drawn into your truth and by your Word you help guide us away from deceits.

Healthy Eyes

The eye is the lamp… If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness.  Matthew 6:19-24  The image of light is commonly used as a metaphor for wisdom, or universal symbol for understanding, much like in a cartoon where the character is drawn with a highlighted lightbulb. When grasping a concept, many cultures use the language “see.” When they’ve finally arrived at some knowledge we say “I see.” But what’s going on within us up until we get to that point? When we are not “seeing” are we blind and simply in darkness? That certainly can’t be healthy. Mendy Herson writes:

… darkness doesn’t necessarily mean evil; it means the absence of light. Darkness equals confusion. When life’s meaning seems inscrutable, when I’m running from task to task oblivious to the need for meaning, that’s called darkness. I may even be having fun, and convincing myself that pleasure equals light, but my soul – my life’s purpose – is obscured from my mind’s eye. And that’s darkness.

Stop running and slow down. Today, let us choose to see God, and walk in the comfort of his light. For It is you who light my lamp; the Lord, my God, lights up my darkness (Psalm 18:28).